Sea is a Thief

When a strong wave came on the shore of the sea, a child’s sandal was carried away with it.

The child writes with his finger on the sand… “The sea is a thief”

A fisherman catches a lot of fish on the other side of the same sea.

He writes on the same sand…”The sea is my sustenance”

A young man dies by drowning in the sea.

His mother writes on the sand… “The sea is the killer”

On the other side a poor old man was walking on the sand with a crooked back…he found a priceless pearl in a big oyster,

He writes on the sand… “The sea is very rich”

….Suddenly a big wave comes and goes away after erasing all the writings.

Meaning the ocean doesn't care what people think about it, it is always cool with its waves.

If you want to become a huge ocean, then never pay attention to unnecessary things in life…

What about the people…. their opinion varies according to the circumstances.

“If the fly falls in the tea, then throws the tea and if the fly falls in the pure country ghee, then the fly is thrown away.”

                               जो जितनी "सुविधा" में है
                              वो उतनी ही "दुविधा" में है ।

Stay healthy, stay cool, always keep smiling, keep smiling and take great care of yourself………..!!