One day, a gentleman wearing a dhoti and a shawl was reciting the Bhagwat Gita in while sitting on the sea shore of Chennai.

At that time a boy came there and said to him :

“Do you still read such a book today in this age of science ?

Look, at this moment we have reached the moon.
And ,But, you are stuck in this Gita, and Ramayana.”

The gentleman asked the boy : “What do you know about the Gita ?”

The boy did not answer the question and said excitedly :

“What will happen after reading all that.
You know,, I am a student of Vikram Sarabhai Research Institute, and I am a scientist.
This Gita lesson is useless.”

The gentleman laughed when he heard the boy’s words.

Just then two huge cars came and stopped there. Some black commandos came down from one car and a soldier from the other car.

The man dressed as a soldier opened the back door of the car, knocked a salute and stood by the car door.

The gentleman who was reciting the Gita,
got into the car at a slow pace and sat up.

The boy was shocked to see all this.
He thought the man must be renowned person.
Unable to find anyone, to ask…
Then. the boy ran up to him and asked,
“Sir, Sir, who are you ?”

The gentleman said in a very calm voice :

“I am Vikram Sarabhai.”

😳 The boy seemed to play a 440 volt shock.

Do you know who this boy was ?

Dr. Abdul Kalam.

After that Dr. Kalam read Bhagwat Gita. Read Ramayana, Mahabharata and other books.

And as a result of reading this Gita,
Dr. Kalam promised not to eat meat for the rest of his life. He wrote in his autobiography, Gita A science. The Gita, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata are a great proud pursuit of the Indians’ own cultural heritage.

How many us do Read Bhagvad Gita or Ramayan or Mahabharat? IF we ask this simple question honestly to ourselves, we will get answer to most of the doubts we have or what we see in our society. I am myself a victim of such thoughts in my youth and used to laugh out at my mother when she used to narate her readings of Bhagvad Gita or Ramayan or Mahabharat. But not anymore…