The New Generation Girl

knight-1598266_960_720“And the Princess found herself locked in a tower surrounded by a stinky moat with crocodiles and a huge scary dragon guarding the door”, read the mother, with her eyes wide and voice deep . Then , she made a sad face and continued softly,” So , the poor princess waited and waited for her prince to come — ” But , why was she waiting for the prince , mumma?!” asked the little girl, impatiently. The mother added, ” To come and save her, silly.”
” But , mumma, why did she need a prince to save her?” the girl asked again.
“Uhh…hmm…” the mother was at a loss of words.
The little girl said proudly,” If it were me , instead of waiting for years and years for a prince, I would have tamed the dragon and flew out of the window. I would have rescued myself.”
She discarded the book and walked away, ” This princess is stupid.”
The mother whispered with a broad smile, ” I guess it is the time to rewrite the fairy tales.”

Similarly, girls should be self sufficient and independent rather than waiting for a prince or a miracle to happen to them…