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In ancient times, our ancestors wore wooden khadau (sandal) in the feet.

The thought of our ancestors was completely scientific even after wearing wooden stands on the feet.

The theory of gravity which scientists later proposed was understood long before by our sages.

According to that theory, The absorption of electric waves of body is to low potential of Earth not due to gravity. which is prevented by wood.

If this process continues , then the biological force of the body decreases.

In order to save this biological power, our ancestors started the practice of wearing the Khadau in the feet so that the electrical waves of the body could not be in contact with the Earth and get absorbed.

On the basis of this principle, the khadau was worn.

At that time leather shoe was not acceptable to a large section of the society due to many religious, social reasons and the use of cloth shoes was not successful everywhere.

Whereas people of any religion and society did not have objection to wearing wooden Khadau, hence it came into vogue. Later, this Khadau became associated with the and sages. Pata, another simplified form of Khadou’s theory, has become a part of our lives.

Dining tables have found a place in our Indian society much later. Earlier, food was taken on wooden patas and sitting on wooden patas.

Most chemical reactions occur in our body while eating. In this situation, the best way to conserve physical energy is to eat on wooden Patas.